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Our Pricing Plans
Ā mātou utu hoko

At Weboid, we recognize the importance of affordable website development. That's why we offer great, fully packed, and low-cost website plans to suit your needs. If our pre-designed plans don't meet your requirements, we also offer flexible hourly rates at just $75 per hour.
We are proud to support not-for-profit, charity, and community organizations with special, substantially reduced rates. Please reach out to us via email to discuss these options further.
Our plans are designed to be flexible and work for you. You have the choice of annual or biennial payment options. Additionally, we offer a discount for biennial payments :)
At Weboid, we believe that everyone should have access to affordable and high-quality website solutions. Contact us today to explore our website plans and payment options that fit your budget and requirements.

Essential ECommerce Pro ECommerce Basic Web Solution Pro Web Solution Essential Hand-coded Pro Hand-coded $0 to Hero: Web Magic
Annualy $1035 $1645 Coming soon $650 $450 $550 $68 / $75
Content Management System (CMS) Learn more
Site management app (Android and iOS) Learn more
Newsletter/Marketing collection form Learn more /
Contact Form Learn more Advanced Advanced Standard Advanced Standard / Standard
Image Gallery Learn more Basic
Unlimited Self Edits Learn more
Custom Email Addresses Learn more 10 20 10 10 10 10 10
Substantial Bandwidth Learn more
Weboid Edit(s) (per month) Learn more 1 1 1 1 2 2 3
Domain Included (1yr) Learn more
Mobile Responsive Learn more
Secure SSL/TLS Encryption Learn more
Page Count Learn more 12 12 6 8 2 4 2 / 4
Basic Search engine optimization (SEO) Learn more
Comprehensive Website Analytics (Via Google Analytics) Learn more
Website Revisions Learn more 2 3 2 2 2 2 2
Map location Widget Learn more Advanced Advanced Basic Advanced Basic /
Social Media Integrations Learn more 4 4 2 2
Striking Home Page Slideshow Learn more Pro Pro Standard Pro Limited / Limited
Live Chat Learn more Basic Basic Basic
FAQ Section Learn more Advanced Basic Basic
ECommerce Features
Product/Customer Reviews Learn more Product & Customer Product & Customer Limited Customer only Customer only Customer only Customer only Customer only
Product Import/Export Functionality Learn more
Payment integration with Stripe, PayPal, Afterpay & more Learn more
Large Product limites Learn more
Inventory Tracking and Management System Learn more
Product Variations and Options Learn more
Multiple Inventory locations Learn more
Unlimited Sale volume Learn more
Staff Accounts Learn more 3 1
Stock Level Alerts and Notifications Learn more
Built in cost/margin management Learn more
Digital gift card payments & sale Learn more
Discount Codes Learn more
Fraud analysis Learn more
International market management Learn more
Basic Point of sale (POS) Learn more
Abandoned Cart Recovery Learn more
Dedicated Developer Learn more
Premium Weboid Support Learn more
Development fee (one-off) Learn more $780.00 $890.00 tbc $595.00 $570.00 $680.00 NONE

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Important Information:
These conditions apply to all our pricing plans.

Pricing Term: Our pricing plans are based on a 12-month term (or 24 months for Biennial payment options), with early exit fees of the remainder of the term, plus administration fees and collection fees (if applicable).
Notice Period: After each plan period ends, you are not required to continue using our services, provided a notice period of at least 6 weeks is given.
Deposit Requirement: We may charge a 50%, non-refundable deposit to begin development.
Customized Pricing: These prices are for reference only and will be confirmed in your requested proposal to reflect your specific needs. The prices displayed above also include a 3% payment discount for payment by bank transfer; Online payments by card are ineligible for this discount.
Subscription and Payment: You may be entered into a subscription, with monthly, yearly, or biennial amounts deducted from your designated card or bank account each payment cycle.
Website Edits: Unlimited self-edits are available on all sites EXCEPT those hand-coded by Weboid. One (1) Weboid edit is 30 minutes. Edits exceeding the included monthly edits will be charged at our standard rates.
Domain Inclusion: All plans include a standard domain (subject to availability at our domain registrar). Additional annual charges may apply for those we deem as non-standard domains.
Hosting and Accessibility: Static (Hardcoded) websites are hosted by the hosting provider of our choice and are NOT accessible or editable by the client. Online websites & eCommerce stores are hosted and accessible online.
Custom Email Setup: Custom Emails are by default forwarding addressing only. Any emails to these addresses will forward to your standard email. If you want this set up with Google (Gmail) or Microsoft's (Outlook) email platform, the upgrade is available at Google or Microsoft's rates.
Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions: For ECommerce stores, we will use a standard customized template for your Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions as required by law. We are not a legal agency and do not endorse any of the conditions set out in these policies. We advise you to seek advice from a credited legal agency.
Basic SEO Implementation: We will implement basic SEO on all websites. However, we do not specialize in SEO, so we cannot guarantee your listing in all search engines. We are happy to arrange a third party to provide SEO services.
Payment Integration for ECommerce: For ECommerce stores, we can assist with payment integration via Stripe, Paypal, or other supported payment providers. These platforms may also charge fees per transaction, which you will pay.
Our $0 Upfront, Pay Monthly plan, an extension of our Essential Hand-Coded and Pro Hand-Coded plans, offers clients the opportunity to enjoy 3 Weboid edits monthly, with no initial payment required. The development fee, typically $570 or $680, is waived, rendering the upfront cost $0. The monthly fee will be automatically billed to the client's debit/credit card(s) in each billing cycle. To ensure seamless payments, clients are required to have a minimum of 2 valid payment methods on record. In cases of payment failure, our system will make multiple attempts; however, continued failure may result in the website being taken offline, accompanied by potential further actions. A minimum subscription period of 12 months is mandatory. The ownership of the website remains with us, and should a client opt to terminate services, the website will be deactivated, excluding instances where at least 36 months have transpired. After this period, the website code might be released to the client for a nominal fee.

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